Learn To Shoot Food

Why learn to shoot food videos?

  • Increase ad revenue/RPMS.
  • Make your social media more engaging.
  • Start that Youtube channel.
  • It’s fun and you’ve always wanted to learn.

"I've always wanted to start, but I'm so intimidated and don't know where to begin."

- everyone

Series 1 //
The Slideshow

You know that being able to create videos and playing them on your website is important, but you are intimidated by the amount of gear and the time that it takes to create them. It feels overwhelming. Slideshows are a great way to start learning the process. Simple moving pictures that will teach you the very basics of storytelling and video editing. Some video is better than no video at all.

series 2 //
over head videos

Tasty-style or hands-in-pans overhead video is the next step in learning to shoot food videos. These are fun to shoot, you do not need a lot of space or gear to make them really effective and engaging. Take your storytelling and editing skills a step further by learning the magic of framing, transitions, timing, adding captions and music to your videos. Did we mention that they perform really well on social media?

series 3 //
talent based videos

Slideshows and overhead videos drive traffic yet people build brands and captivate audiences. These are more complicated to produce and execute, but don’t be intimidated. Your end result will be engaging and their subscribers will feel like they are cooking alongside the talent. Learn the ins and outs of A-Roll, B-Roll, lighting, and audio for on-air talent.

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