Hands-On Food Video Workshop

HI!  We are teaching a hands-on food video workshop in Kansas City at the Chopped Con event September 22, 2016, from 3:00pm – 5:30pm.

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We have partnered with Stonyfield for our hands-on “how to shoot compelling (and delicious) food videos”.  The craze is definitely focused on quick and easy “Tasty” style videos, which we will focus on during this workshop.  We will spend our time together guiding you through the process, while you shoot alongside side us using delicious Stonyfield products.  The basics of shooting video will be covered making you more comfortable to take the techniques home, and start shooting video on your own.

This workshop will be focused on shooting video quickly and easily using the one tool that is never far from your side;  the smartphone.  Once you learn the basics teach, you can apply the same principles when shooting with another video devices.
Shooting techniques that will be discussed are:
  • A Roll
  • B Roll
  • Framing the perfect shot
  • Lighting
  • Music selection
  • Editing made easy
  • How to export


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