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“Denise has taken my food photography to the next level.  She has taken me from shooting in automatic/semi-automatic on my camera to shooting in full manual mode.  She took the time to explain all the nuances about my camera and really explained what shutter speed and aperture mean and how they work together.  She also taught me about lighting and how to play and work with light using boards, props and different settings on the camera.  She’s a patient teacher and never makes you feel like you’re lame or silly for shooting in automatic.  Denise is a gem and taking a class with her is not only informative but tons of fun!”  Jackie Grandy, Marin Mama Cooks

I am so thankful I stumbled upon the digital food photography and editing course offered by Denise and Tracy. While I’ve made due the past few years with automatic settings, this class gave me the know-how and confidence to delve into the wonderful world of manual and take control of my photography. And you know what? Not only did my pictures immediately improve, it also lit a new spark inside of me. I find myself feeling more joy and having more fun with the process — from the set-up to the final edits. It was the best use of a Saturday that I’ve had in a long time. And as an added bonus, it was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with such delightful and talented people. I’m looking forward to my next class at the Digital Media Playground.  Jess Goldman Foung, Sodium Girl

“Earlier this year I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one photography class with Denise Woodward. Denise is a very thoughtful and encouraging teacher with many years of experience to draw from. She knows the inner workings of digital cameras and can give you guidance on how to get the best results from your equipment. In addition, she can make recommendations on tripods, tethering cables, USB card readers and software that will improve your results.  Because it had been years since I had taken a photography course I asked her to do a quick run through of the basics. She quickly grasped where I was competent and those areas where I needed additional instruction. If you are a beginner, Denise is perfect at simplifying the art of photography. If you are more advanced, she can help you improve your skills and give you lots of tips on how to get the results you want.  I highly recommend taking any photography classes you can from Denise, particularly a one-on-one where you can get the individual assistance you need to become the photographer you have dreamed of being.”  Jane Bonacci, The Heritage Cook

“I had a fun time learning a few “tricks of the trade” during my food photography workshop with Sara Remington and Nani Steele. Seeing the “pros” how they do things in the real world gave me an informative glimpse and experience of the business I hope to be in someday. One of the best things I appreciated too was the assistance and friendliness the whole team provided especially Denise. I can’t wait to see your next list of workshops I can join!” Ayvee Javier, Kreative Bones

“I highly recommend the Sara Remington and Romney (Nani) Steele Food Photography/Styling Workshop. It is great for acquiring useful and practical techniques as well as understanding the philosophy behind it. Sara and Nani are as gracious as they are talented and professional.” Randi Beach, Randi Lynn Beach & Pix Channel

Sara Remington is the kind of photog that can make a bunch of radishes look beautiful.  And she’s able to do it with minimum of propping, gadgets or digital tinkering.  Clearly there’s art, a good eye and a bit of magic to her elegant images of everything edible.” Read the article by Sarah Henry, Lettuce Eat Kale

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